Travel Horror: the village full ghosts of Yongin South Korea

Friday, September 7, 2012
Summer is the season of horror. That's what happened in the village of Yongin South Korea. There was a tradition called "Gwishin". This tradition can only be done during the summer. For the season it was believed that the souls of the dead will be trapped in the earth. The souls that will roam the countryside.

Confidence is what dimanfatkan attract people there. Contrived horror tourist village. The village is famous for its action in the South Korean drama that conjure horror settlement became a village vehicle.

All the houses, residents, and the property is changed to horror. Clothing, special effects, lighting, sound, make-up and hair-raising of citizens of visitors not only stand but also feverish. Those who come to this village to test the adrenaline was made ​​scuttled.

As experienced Na Won-ju. This young woman with a boyfriend willing to come to the village which is about 40 kilometers south of Seoul is to enjoy this horror. "It's more horror than I thought," said Na who clutched her boyfriend.

One of the famous ghost figures in Yongin is "Ghost Lady." Ghost is illustrated by the figure of a woman with long hair, who was wearing a traditional white mourning or commonly called Sobok.

Another ghost is no less creepy stories in the bathroom. There is also a music recording studio haunted ghost silhouette of a singer.

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