"Kate Middleton Photos" Not Obscene!

Sunday, September 16, 2012
With the release of topless photos of Kate Middleton in a French tabloid, not only shocked the public. British royal party was suddenly on fire with photographs is deemed indecent. One question appears on this news, why the tabloids are so brave?
Shortly after the photos were posted on the French magazine called Closer, the St. James Palace immediately ensure legal action over 'violation of privacy' is. Royal spokesperson stated, "Today, some legal steps have been executed in France for breach of privacy."

Most of the public found that the decision taken by the tabloid Closer is very brave. Not only the British royal family they will face. Moreover, this family is also in the 'sensitive' after nude photos of Prince Harry circulated some time ago.

Evidently, instead of silence as when Prince Harry scandals occurred, this time the kingdom did not wait long to launch the French criticism of the tabloid. "The royal family is very concerned to learn of their privacy violated by a tabloid photographer France, and in a way that is so disgusting and can not be justified," reads the official statement.

This tabloid parties apparently did not want to lose to attack the nobles. Via AFP, tabloid editor was soon revealed the reason they publish topless pictures of the princess.

"These photos are not at all surprising. Saw was a photo of a young woman sunbathing topless, like millions of other women when they are at the beach. Should not need to dramatize these photos. Reactions that appear excessive. They newlywed couple who are young. they are in love. they look beautiful. She was the daughter of the 21st century. these pictures show their happiness. Absolutely not insulting. Some people equate it with a photo of Prince Harry, but not the same, "said Laurence Pieau , the editor.

As reported previously, in photographs published this tabloid, Kate Middleton seemed to be off the top of her bikini while sunbathing while on vacation with her husband, Prince William, in the Province week sales. After shirtless, Kate seemed to help her husband William applying sunscreen to his back. Beautiful and full of love?

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