U.S.A Presidential Debate Means So appropriate for Promotion

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
DENVER - Implementation debate President of the United States (U.S.A) growing close to implementation. Parties to the University of Denver to see the implementation of this debate to be a proper tool for promotion.
Recently, the name of the University of Denver continues to loudly called on the national media in the United States or foreign media. This private university is honored to host the President of the U.S.A debate in the first session ahead of the U.S. presidential election (U.S.A presidential).
"We have filed this application for 2.5 years. Presidential Debate Commission At that initial offers to the entire campus, but applications received by us in advance," said a member of the Board of the University of Denver Funders Maria Guajardo Ph.D in Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday (
"Initially there has been no decision from the commission. But when they visit our campus, the opportunity is wide open. According to tradition, anyone whose application is accepted by the debate commission first, then the application to qualify as host debate," he added.
Women who have become members of council funding for 18 years, added that the commission examine all of the readiness of the University of Denver before declared the debate organizers. "We proved to raise funds holding debates and meet other specified requirements," he explained.
Guajardo did not dismiss the major events in the U.S. election campaign is a good place for the college. Name University of Denver was already widely known in the national and international media.
During the filing of the application host, is not known who the competitors campus University of Denver. But clearly, this campus needs to raise $ 1 million or equivalent to Rp 9, 596 billion to bolster its position as the first host of the U.S. Presidential Debate 2012.
U.S. Presidential Debate will take place on Wednesday, October 3. The first debate will focus on U.S.A domestic policy issue that must be mastered by President Barack Obama and his rival, the U.S.A presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney.

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