Anchor "Jennifer Livingston" was criticized for fat

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
A local television news anchor in the United States criticized the audience for obesity. WKBT-TV news anchor, Jennifer Livingston, of La Crosse, Wisonsin, decided to use the morning news shows to address the critics directly.
He was responding to a letter he had received a reprimand him for not being "a bad example for young people in the community", especially the girls, because "his physical condition is not improved over the years."
Letter writer was referring to the condition of "obesity" Livingston. "I told you this note in the hope you will take into consideration your responsibilities as a local public figure to present and promote a healthy lifestyle."
The letter was spread after Livingston husband, fellow news anchor named Mike Thompson, posted the letter on his Facebook page, and called the letter "sick" and "sucks".
In the four-minute special broadcast that aired prior to the morning news on Tuesday (2/10), Livingston responded to his critics directly. He said he tried to laugh at the comment that because he used to criticism. However, he was driven by hundreds of supporters to speak.
"I was overweight. You can call me fat, even obese according to medical scale. However, for the person who wrote the letter to me, do you think I do not know that? Was that your cruel words that indicate something I do not know, you did not know me. you are not my friend. you are not part of my family, and you have to admit you do not watch this show. You do not know anything about me, but what you see on the outside. I'm more than just a number on the scale. "
Livingston then talk about bullying, possible to answer the authors comment that Livingston is not a good example for young people. He stated in October is anti-bullying month. He stressed that the criticism does not mean anything for her. However, he was worried about the condition of children, that is not how prepared he is to receive such an attack.
"If you're at home and you're talking about fat women news readers, guess what? Your kids might go to school and call someone to call fat."
Livingston thank the hundreds of messages of support and encouragement she received from the community and said that (support) it was "incredible" and "inspiring".
He ended the broadcast with a strong and clear message, "To all the kids out there who feel sad, struggling with your weight, your skin color, your sexual preferences, your disability, even a pimple on your face, listen to me now . Never allow yourself to be defined by the bullies. Learn from my experience that the words cruel man has no equal with shouts of support from many people. "

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